These patient stories are from real patients who have had weight loss surgery. Actual results after surgery will vary with each individual. The opinions expressed by patients should not be taken as medical advice. All surgery presents risk. Weight, age, and medical history determine your specific risks. Consult your doctor to see if weight loss surgery may be right for you.


Transcript: New social life

That’s definitely a big change. Friends knew what my limitations were before and now invitations are a lot different. Nobody has to consider my physical limitations of what I can’t do. Just like going out to a restaurant. Nobody has to, including me, think about is she going to be comfortable there, is the seating okay, will she be able to keep up with the activity? My best friend and I are going to a concert in August and we have lawn seating. Beforehand, I never would have even considered doing anything like that. It would have been a well-thought-out process. I had to know where the seats are, how much walking there is, get there early to give myself plenty of time to get to where my seat is to make sure I have time to get out of breath and then recover from it. Now I’m just excited about the actual concert. I can enjoy what I’m doing a lot more.