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Transcript: Healthy food choices

Stephen: You know one of those things that helps us a lot is finding alternatives to some of these delicious things. So for me, pizza is my number one favorite food. He found an excellent recipe that instead of bread underneath the pizza, it’s actually ground chicken. So it’s a ground chicken crust, with still the same exact toppings that I love on a pizza, and it has amazing flavor. It’s delicious. 

I’m the ideas guy and I’ll say, hey I’m craving cookies, all right, well let’s figure out how to get a healthy cookie and let’s make a healthy cookie. So (Zohar) found the three ingredient peanut butter cookie. 

And I am still able to have my bowl of cereal. But in fact, instead of drinking whole milk in my cereal, I’ll have my protein. So, I’ll take my chocolate flavored protein, mix it in with a quarter cup of cereal and I’ve got my cereal that I wanted.