These patient stories are from real patients who have had weight loss surgery. Actual results after surgery will vary with each individual. The opinions expressed by patients should not be taken as medical advice. All surgery presents risk. Weight, age, and medical history determine your specific risks. Consult your doctor to see if weight loss surgery may be right for you.


Transcript: Finding Support 

Support is a really big thing in this process. I had a great friend from college who had approached me about a year before my surgery and said, “Lisa, I'm really concerned about you. Your weight is getting out of control and I just want to know what I can do to help you.” And while that was so painful and hard to hear, I needed to be confronted because I was out of control. That friend walked through the entire process of surgery with me. She was there for me the day of my surgery. She was there for me caring for me after surgery and anytime I had a problem that happened afterwards she was my support group and I will always forever be grateful to her for how she helped me through the hardest part of my life because it is hard.