These patient stories are from real patients who have had weight loss surgery. Actual results after surgery will vary with each individual. The opinions expressed by patients should not be taken as medical advice. All surgery presents risk. Weight, age, and medical history determine your specific risks. Consult your doctor to see if weight loss surgery may be right for you.


Transcript: A healthy family

Sonya: My name is Sonya Fox and we’re at my house in Batavia, Ohio. I have a twin sister named Rhonda. Because we were twins and I was bigger, I was the “fat kid”. We weren’t that much different in weight but it was still enough to get teased, by of course my sister and then by our friends growing up. So yeah she would tease me and get her punches in.

And I always carried my weight in my stomach. I always felt like I looked like I either was pregnant or I had another roll going on. When I’m eating I always feel like to the point to where I need to feel miserable or stuffed before I felt like I was full. And that’s where I felt like my gratification came from like okay I’m miserable right now I can stop eating.

I did probably every diet. Tried exercising. I’ve tried the Atkins. I’ve tried just watching what I eat on my own. And I would lose the weight, I would, and then as soon as I started back to eating the way I always ate, I gained it back and then some, every time.

Slide: Sonya was inspired by her daughter Rebecca, who had bariatric surgery the previous year.

Rebecca: When I started I was around 245 and then now I’m at 165. When I was younger we ate food that wasn’t great for us because it was cheaper. It wasn’t a big deal because I was constantly in sports.  I was either playing softball or cheerleading so I was still very active. And then when I got to high school I had the choice of either staying with sports or getting a car. I chose the car which also came with a job. And I was just working constantly and eating fast food so I just quit athletics all together and the weight just started to pile on.

I’ve always hated summer because as a heavier person just sweating all the time it’s miserable.  But I’m so excited for this summer and just wearing shorts and running around and just having fun.

Sonya: The support of my family was amazing, especially since they’d already seen Rebecca go through it, they knew how well she has done and how well she’s maintaining and changing her lifestyle habits.

So when I got diagnosed with diabetes three years ago, I discovered at that point I already had neuropathy starting in my feet. I just figured my feet were just going numb and it was just part of getting older. But then like a year after I got diagnosed it just got to where I couldn’t even hardly walk on my feet they hurt so bad.

My husband came to me and said “Sonya, I want to live a full life with you and we’ve got to get you healthy”. That was one of the main triggers for me was thinking “I want to live a long life”. And so, I need to do something for me to get to live that long life. After Rebecca went through her weight loss surgery and she’s a year out and I thought it’s time for me.

The surgery is just a tool, you still have to change your habits.  I would tell prospective patients to do their research first because like I said, each person is different and each person feels different about surgery. Yeah, I’m very happy. Now the diabetes is gone. My blood pressure has been normal ever since and the reflux, I don’t really have the issue with the reflux.

Rebecca: Now that we’re in a place where we can buy healthier things and we just have a healthier lifestyle now, it’s really exciting and she looks amazing. One, she’s killing it at forty-five years old and she’s just happier too. So it’s really exciting to do this together and just tag along. We’ve always been best friends so to be able to do this together, it’s just been really fun.

Sonya: Now that I’m a little bit smaller I’m hoping that I’ll have more energy and we can play more golf.  I’m comfortable where I’m at. I feel healthy, I feel good.

Rebecca: With my mom I think just continuing our weight loss. I’m kind of at a plateau and she’s kind of reaching that similar point, so making sure we don’t just sit here and stay at the same weight, that we continue to grow healthier.

Sonya: It feels so good and like I said you get the compliments from people who see you and haven’t seen you so… try not to let your head get too big.