Staying motivated after surgery

It can be hard to stay motivated after your bariatric surgery. The lifestyle changes you’ve been making, such as changes to your diet and exercise, may be getting harder to maintain. You also may be losing sight of why you decided to have the surgery in the first place. The good news is, the longer you keep up your healthy habits, the easier they become. And keeping your ultimate goal in mind can help you stay focused and motivated in the long run. It may even be time for you to set a new goal for yourself.

"The longer you keep up your healthy habits, the easier they become."

Maintaining your habits

The more you work on your healthy habits, the more automatic they’ll become. Once this happens, you may be able to rely less on your motivation to keep yourself going. So if you feel your motivation dip, you can still stay on track without straying too far from the path you’ve set for yourself.

Your weight loss goal

What was the reason you decided to have bariatric surgery? Maybe you wanted to be able to walk a mile. Maybe you wanted to live independently. Or you wanted to keep up with your kids again. Whatever your reason, focusing on that goal can help you stay motivated.

Answer these questions:

  • What is my ultimate goal? 
  • Why did I choose this specific goal?
  • Why is it still important to me? 
  • How can my daily actions and habits lead me to achieve this goal?

Your future goal

When you first decided to have bariatric surgery, you set a goal for yourself. This goal can help you stay motivated and maintain your progress. But what happens when you achieve that goal? Try thinking about having a goal that you can keep working toward in the future, not something that ends a month after surgery. If your previous goal has been achieved, what can you continue to maintain or improve upon? Give yourself a goal that doesn’t have an end date, so you can stay motivated and engaged well after your surgery. The Health Partner for Weight Loss app may also help you stay focused on your journey. Click here to download the free app.